Hi I’m Tanya, I help people with technology, and to realise projects as a consultant, teacher, trainer, facilitator and mentor. My experience includes computer basics, devices, beginner’s cryptocurrency, website development, content creation, editing, and more.

What idea or project are you ready to develop? Are you ready to publish online but lack the knowledge of technology to create and manage an online space? Do you have a vision without the knowledge to reach your end goal? What technology do you need guidance or assistance with? Are you ready to learn?

I’ve included testimonials from my clientele below, read on to get some insight into how I can help you. I’m available for consultations, digital literacy training, creative content, website development and cryptocurrency onboarding.

Contact me for an up to 15-minute free chat about your project and learning needs.

Joan Healy AM

My aim was to write, illustrate and sound-record stories. I chose to participate in a beginner then an advanced course with Tanya Vessey. Initially she broke complex tasks into achievable steps of basic skills then systematically opened new possibilities in creative use of the internet. Her range is broad. Some learn to promote a business website, others to create something innovative or artistic. Tanya now mentors me as I build a digital scrapbook from accumulated writings and images. This is an enjoyable and productive partnership. With Tanya it is never a matter of ‘It can’t be done’. It is, ‘Let’s see what we can do together’.

Mardi Ettleson

Tanya is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to website design, content creation and security options, but never pushes her preferences and always provides multiple options to choose from. With nonstop patience and a relatable style Tanya is an amazing trainer. With her guidance I was able to create 2 websites (and a shopify store) for my 2 businesses, pick up great tips on safe/secure website practices and economical vendor options.

Highly recommended!!

Rebecca Shedd

I was starting to build my author website. I had created an account on wordpress thinking that I would be able to figure it out on my own but I was quickly overwhelmed by all the options. Tanya walked me through the features and provided clear, concise explanations of all the tools. She also provided lots of other resources and helpful articles. She is an incredible resource and extremely positive and helpful. I feel much more confident building my website.

Aleks P Sashka

I highly recommend Tanya as your go-to tech whisperer – whatever that tech may be. I personally witnessed Tanya arrive at a remarkable level of familiarity with a new technology with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Tanya helped me tremendously with foundational blockchain knowledge, cryptocurrency account and cold wallet setup. Tanya’s expansive knowledge of Information Systems is supported by an inherent understanding of fundamental design aspects, purpose and the inner workings of the technology which allow her to remove the hurdle of fear of the unknown.

Colin Dowzer

I was a creative writing and website design student of Tanya’s at Tafe in Melbourne. I engaged Tanya to edit and sort my life story of 85-years for family private publication. Tanya’s experience was indispensable with highly relevant advice when developing and completing my autobiography. She is a competent, trustworthy person who always meets tight deadlines and provides excellent research.

Judith Rodda

My consultation with Tanya about cryptocurrency made the process interesting by breaking the information down into parts that I could understand. I am a retiree with little interest in learning lots of new things but with Tanya I was happy knowing that I was only learning what helped me without having to learn everything. Tanya guided me through setting up a private email for security, creating an account on coinspot, getting to know my coinspot account, and managing a cold storage device to secure my funds.

Beth Weston

Tanya enabled me to develop new transferable skills and to think ‘outside of the square’ to apply these skills across a variety of platforms, including microsoft, apple, google and open source software. 
I feel far more confident and capable to explore and try new things and to go forward knowing that I can learn ‘on the go’ and not be held back by my personal limitations. I know now that whatever situation I find myself in I can figure things out as I go and not give up thinking it’s too hard!