My skill set has been put to use in all areas of development from personal to professional inclusive of individuals, education environments and corporate organisations.

I started my journey into skills development in interactive media and non-linear story telling, and expanded my own skills to range from foundational skill establishment for challenged learners through to teaching advanced learners.

Technology keeps me curious with it’s promise of continuous development which I combine with a love of words and life long learnings about symbolism.

I have worked for many years creating and delivering content for adult education through the Learn Local network as a trainer of adult learners and peers.

My current gig is as IT and Digital Literacy Coach at Red Cross Australia where I create and deliver in-house training for the organisation Australia wide.

My skill set includes course creator, content developer and facilitator in the areas of digital literacy, creative writing, job skills, partnership programs and contributing to industry standardisation.

Below I have listed some of what I do and have done.

Digital Literacy

  • Digital Literacy trainer from beginner to advanced
  • Intel Learn Easy Steps master trainer for digital literacy resources
  • Digital literacy masterclass for the CAE at Box Hill TAFE Melbourne
  • Microsoft Teams training development and delivery for Red Cross Australia

System Management

  • Operating systems course creation and delivery for groups and individuals
  • File management and navigation
  • Staff training for system upgrade and management
  • Advanced skills for virtual machine navigation and management

Software Navigation

  • Design and deliver product training: Microsoft, Google and open source
  • Develop content in consultation with clients for integration of online tools
  • Identify transferable skill sets for application of learning into the future
  • Create content for foundational learning of user interface design navigation


  • Instruct blockchain basics for clients of all levels of learning
  • Consultation for individuals and groups to establish cryptocurrency basics
  • Facilitation service for learning cryptocurrency exchange features and functions
  • Secure storage and cold wallet training

Writing and Communication

  • Create content for courses to be delivered online and in a learning environment
  • Plan, develop and curate content for publication online and in print including copy writing and editing
  • Project management, scheduling and deadlines for content creation and development
  • Create, facilitate and mentor creative writing workshops for both individuals and groups