Hi I’m Tanya

I have training and experience in creative production, writing, teaching, digital literacy, project managing, and writing for publication online along with proof reading and copy editing.

When it comes to technology – if it has a menu system then I can help you learn how to use it. My background is in interactive media, my skills range from foundational skill establishment for challenged learners through to teaching advanced learners.

I have worked for many years in adult education through the *Learn Local network as a trainer of adult learners and peers, a course creator, content developer and facilitator in the areas of digital literacy, creative writing, job skills, partnership programs and contributing to industry standardisation.

*Learn Local is registered and funded by the Victorian Government via the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board.

Below I have listed some of what I do and have done.

Digital Literacy

  • Digital Literacy trainer from beginner to advanced
  • Intel Learn Easy Steps master trainer for digital literacy resources
  • Digital literacy masterclass for the CAE at Box Hill TAFE Melbourne
  • WordPress.com website consultancy and training provider

System Management

  • Mobile phone and device course creation and delivery for groups and individuals
  • Device management and navigation
  • Staff training for system upgrade and management
  • Advanced skills for virtual machine navigation and management

Software Navigation

  • Design and deliver product training: MS, Google, open source
  • Develop content in consultation with clients for integration of online tools
  • Identify transferrable skillsets for application of learning into the future
  • Create content for foundational learning of user interface design navigation


  • Instruct blockchain basics for clients of all levels of learning
  • Consultation for individuals and groups to establish cryptocurrency basics
  • Facilitation service for learning cryptocurrency exchange features and functions
  • Consultancy for establishment of cryptocurrency account including KYC requirements

Writing and Communication

  • Create content for courses to be delivered online and in a learning environment
  • Plan, develop and curate content for publication online and in print including copy writing and editing
  • Project management, scheduling and deadlines for content creation and development
  • Create, facilitate and mentor creative writing workshops for both individuals and groups


  • Private individuals and businesses with diverse digital literacy needs in the fast changing world of the information age
  • Community centres including the Learn Local network facilitating Preaccredited training delivery and content creation for adult learners
  • Box Hill institute, CAE and ACFE for delivery of content, training, course and content development, and integrated industry training with stakeholders
  • ALNPP development of content and delivery for industry standardisation within the sector